Used book stores these days are few and far between. The nearest one to me is an almost 40 minute drive through bad traffic. I readily admit my own part in the death of the used book store. The advent of the kindle was a heady time for us all. Fortunately, there happens to be a thrift store on my way home from work. A blessing and a curse to be sure. Since I’ve begun getting back into analog books, I find myself stopping there most days after work and browsing through their book section. Sometimes I find nothing but sometimes I find gold. Today was a pretty good day. I’m especially excited about the hardcover Sherlock Holmes and the collected Martian Tales. I’ve read most of the Sherlock stories but I never gotten the chance to read the Martian Tales. I’m looking forward to reading that on the beach. It’s especially nice to be able to buy books in really good shape at thrift store prices, having recently stopped into a Barnes & Noble while killing time and realizing the price of a new paperback nowadays (yowch!). I don’t think I could support my book habit if I had to pay retail price. But enough bragging about my book haul. Expect a few more reviews in the near future, and keep reading.

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