Book Review: Change Agent by Daniel Suarez

Change Agent by Daniel Suarez 

Roughly thirty years into the future, America’s anti-science stance has led to the rise of a new first world.  Singapore is the new technological and medical center of the world. With brave new frontiers in biomedical science opened up, the genetic modification of human embryos is becoming commonplace. With this breakthrough, a black market develops, promising genetic modification beyond the legal; for parents who can pay.

Kenneth Durand leads an Interpol team dedicated to stopping these black market geneticists. On the hunt for the kingpin behind these crimes, Durand becomes the hunted. Injected with a radical new genetic treatment, he awakens from a coma to find himself wearing his enemy’s face. On the run from his own task force, Durand must figure out how to change himself back, and stop this master criminal once and for all.

This was a fun technological and medical thriller. I could see Michael Crichton writing something similar were he alive today. The science, while fictional, is based on current technologies. It is more than plausible that many of these technological advances  (and their requisite benefits and drawbacks) will begin to emerge within the next few decades. This gives the book, for all its crazy scifi-ness, a grounding in reality.

Lovers of realistic science fiction or technological thrillers will enjoy this book. Any one who is a fan of Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, or even Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will likely find a lot to love here.

An advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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